Our initiatives for ARIA Children's Fund are designed to focus on several of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, with a particular focus on how they affect at-risk children.


Every 20 seconds, a child dies of a water-borne illness. Project20 is ARIA Children's Fund's clean water initiative, which seeks to reduce the instances of water- and hygiene- related sicknesses through a combination of water filtration and community health education.


ZOE International

ACF works in partnership with ZOE Children's Home in Thailand, which helps to prevent child trafficking, as well as rescue and restore young victims. Together we work to bring about awareness and positive change through both media and financial donations.

Child Sponsorship


By supporting organizations such as A Better Chance Foundation in the Philippines, Care Channels International, and ZOE International, children living in poverty are given access to an education, increasing the opportunities available to them in the future. They are also educated on hygiene practices and provided with necessary medical services to improve their overall well-being.