September 2015 Trip Report

Hear from our very own Project 20 Manager, Kayla (whose passion and dedication to helping children and families is truly amazing), as she recaps their September 2015 trip to the Philippines!  Read up on how their visits went to various communities, how they impacted them, what they learned and their goals for upcoming trips!  

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Project20 | September 2015

This September, ARIA Children's Fund (ACF) will be sending a team of 6 to help children at risk and in poverty. We will be traveling to the Philippines in an effort to address the clean water crisis through our initiative, Project20. We will be working with our partners in and around the cities of Manila, Tacloban, and Bacolod. Clean water is essential for life. Yet for millions of children and families in the developing world, they lack access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation causing preventable sicknesses, disease and deaths. We believe that every child deserves clean water and a bright, healthy future. Follow along as we post our stories along this journey.